Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NFL Week 16 Fantasy Football High Fives, Brofists and Bombs: Victory Edition

     NFL week 16 marked the championship game in my league.  After finishing 11-2 in the regular season, I entered the playoffs with the number 1 seed.  I had a bye week the first round of the playoffs and then won in the second round, putting me in the finals of my 12 team league.    It was an exciting weekend of football watching in my house, culminating in the Sunday night Niners vs. Seahawks game.  I had over a thirty point lead going into Sunday night.  My opponent still had 2 players left to play and my team was done playing.  I felt I had a decent chance to win at that point because both his players were 49'ers, Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore.  Seattle has been playing well lately and are virtually unbeatable at home.  My instincts were right, Seattle shut down the Niners offense and dominated at home 42-13.  Despite great performances from Matt Ryan, the Chicago defense, James Jones, and LeSean Mccoy, my opponent was not able to catch my team.  He was done in by unusually bad performances from Victor Cruz, Aaron Hernandez, Stevie Johnson, Crabtree, and Gore.  The final score was 161.02 to 140.96.   Here are my awards for player performance in the championship match:

                                                          HIGH FIVES

If a player exceeded his projections, he gets the ultimate celebratory affirmation of one's prowess, the high five.

RB Alfred Morris
RB#2 Alfred Morris- Morris continued his impressive rookie season with a dominant performance vs. Philadelphia on Sunday.  Morris had 81 yards and a touchdown vs. the Eagles.  He overachieved his projections by 4 points.

WR#2 Eric Decker-  Decker seems to have gotten back on Peyton Manning's good side. Decker followed up a brilliant performance last week vs. the Ravens with another 2 touchdown game vs. the Browns.  He also had 6 catches for 65 yards, overachieving his projections by nearly 10 points.

DEFENSE: San Diego Chargers-  My league commissioner locks our rosters in the playoffs so I had to scout ahead to find a good defensive matchup for the finals. I had the Chargers D for the last few weeks of the regular season and decided their week 16 matchup vs. the Jets was a matchup too good to pass up.  Keeping the Chargers as my defense really paid off.  The San Diego D sacked first time starter QB Greg Mcelroy an astounding 11 times.  Special teams also ran back a punt for a touchdown.  San Diego reaped 23 points from the Jets for me.  They were projected to score 11.33 points.


If a player meets or comes near to meeting his projections, he gets the modern day version of the ass smack, the brofist.

TE Jimmy Graham
 WR#1 AJ Green-  I had my doubts about Green being able to put up decent numbers vs. the Steelers. Andy Dalton had a horrible game vs. Philly the week before and he has few options other than Green left to throw the ball to because of injuries.  However, Green was able to prove me wrong.  He didn't score a touchdown, but he had 10 receptions for 116 yards.  Green met his projections by scoring 19.60 fantasy points.  A fumble cost him a point.

TE Jimmy Graham-  Graham still was not able to get in the end zone, but he was able to finally meet his projections this week. Graham had a big game vs. the Cowboys.  He recovered a fumble by his own teammate in overtime, setting up the game winning field goal.  Unfortunately there is no fantasy translation for me.  Graham had 7 receptions for 88 yards.


If a player does not come any where near his projections, he gets nuked...

FLEX DeMarco Murray- Murray fumbled for the second straight game on Sunday and did not score a touchdown.  He was only able to get 40 yard rushing on a bad New Orleans defense.  He did have 4 receptions for 51 yards, but underachieved his projections by 10 points.

Overall, my team beat its' projected score by 3 points.  Winning the league championship meant I swept the top 3 purses in my league.  One for best record in the regular season, most points scored in the regular season, and the championship purse.  All in all as very successful season for me, mostly because I did a lot of research pre-draft and was aggressive in making waiver acquisitions to strengthen my roster.

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